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One of the biggest challenges our clients face today is making tradeoffs to support the decision making process from project conception all the way through operation.


We have supported clients in projects which take advantage of opportunities and synergies at the energy and water nexus.  At inodú, we have broad experience helping our clients make tradeoffs and make better decisions in the development, construction and operation of: biomass, biogas, solar, wind, hybrid, battery, natural gas, cogeneration, coal and hydro projects. 

At inodú, we have the expertise to support our clients from project conception through operation. We offer the following services:

Early Stage & Development Phase


Feasibility Studies


Environmental Impact Study Strategy


Power Sale Strategy and Analysis


Interconnection Management


Development Engineering & Engineering Design Services



Construction and Operations Phase


Owners Engineering Services


Equipment and Service Sourcing Support


Project Audits and Technical Supervision


Energy and Water Operation Support and Training



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