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Changes in the energy industry have generated more types of investment opportunities than ever before. Additionally, traditional challenges in large energy and water infrastructure projects such as having widely dispersed benefits across stakeholders, geography and time, still apply today.  


Value is not just the price of an asset, it is related with regulation, the asset's purpose and the context.  At inodú, we are committed to help financial institutions identify and take advantage of the right investment opportunities. Our approach focuses on making the process of matching financial resources, knowhow, risks and benefits between project owners, financial stakeholders and other relevant stakeholders more effective.

We focused on bringing our deep industry expertise to help financial institutions and investors understand the risks and determine if the risks are worth the potential benefit.  We offer financial stakeholders the following services:

Investment Strategy & Capability Design


Investment Opportunity Identification


Market & Regulatory Analysis


Project Due-Diligence & Pre Due-Diligence Assessments


Risk Management & Mitigation


Owners Engineering & Development Services



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