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In industrial and commercial environments, energy and operations are intertwined. One cannot think separately about productivity and efficiency.  Our approach, focuses on building capabilities by defining energy and operational efficiency opportunities which complement the enterprise’s goals and strategy.

A complete energy performance transformation requires changes in the organizational, technical and measuring & verification dimensions. At inodú, we have deep expertise developing energy audits, implementing energy management systems and leading organizational transformation in complex operational environments. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations have more sustainable operations by improving their energy and water use.

Our approach is grounded on implementing worldwide best practices such as ISO 50001, ISO 50002, ISO 50004, ISO 50006 and other technical standards. We offer the following services:

Energy Audits


Implementation and Audit of Energy Management System


Lean Energy and Operations


Energy Efficiency Policy, Planning, Review and Implementation Support


Energy Efficiency Training and Capability Building


Energy Efficiency Program


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