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The substantial increases in interfaces and exchanges created by a broad adoption of information technology, population increase, globalization and other factors have made the world more complex.  The increase in complexity has created great opportunities and challenges interpreting the energy markets and developing effective energy and water policy.


Today, the social context and a wider stakeholder involvement have become critical components during regulatory analysis and policy development.  At inodú, we are focused on using a systems thinking approach to help our clients simplify complexity, not make it more complicated. Our approach to properly interpret the market and develop better energy policy incorporates the technical, business, social and environmental points of view.


At inodú, we rely on various methodologies grounded in systems thinking to organize complexity, establish a common language and help focus the discussion towards the places where the most value exists. Inodú supports organizations in developing a wider view of the regulatory system by identifying the relationships between needs, drivers and regulatory constraints required to improve the system.

Our systems thinking approach is grounded on many years of research from top academic institutions, who have been at the vanguard of the creation of a discipline that is focused on analyzing complex systems. We offer the following services:

Validation of Financial and Business Models


Regulatory Assessments


Energy Policy Analysis


Energy Market Analysis


Market & Regulatory Strategy

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