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Inodu Presents Webinar at MIT on Systems Thinking to Energy and Sustainability Challenges in Chile

The webinar can be seen through the following link:

Over the past several years, Chile has faced an energy crisis that has impacted virtually all industries in that country. Caused by the scarcity of natural energy resources, tension between developers and conservationists, and a complex permitting process, the crisis has motivated energy and sustainability professionals to take a systems-based approach to mobilizing and managing projects in that country. The approach holds promise for planners around the world.

In this webinar, SDM alumni Jorge Moreno and Donny Holaschutz will present specific examples of how high-impact energy and sustainability projects have been driven from conception to operation in Chile.

Examples will include:

-Working with the European Southern Observatory and the Chilean Energy Ministry to address planned increases in energy consumption while satisfying the need for reliable, cost-effective electricity and minimizing environmental impact;

-Supporting small hydroelectric projects through codevelopment, planning, and risk management; and

-Analyzing the complex systems at work in one of Chile’s largest food companies, identifying opportunities for improved energy efficiency, and developing an implementation plan.

The speakers will also provide a general plan of action for energy and sustainability solutions that can be customized and applied across industries. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.

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