Benjamin’s Internship Story 2016

Benjamin Maluenda

Background: Mechanical Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and currently working on a Master of Science in Engineering degree at the same university.

Position at inodú: Energy and Sustainability Analyst Intern

Plans after internship: Go conduct research at the University of California at Berkeley with the Energy and Resources Group and finish Masters of Science at P. Universidad Católica.

At inodú I had the opportunity to work on several projects and provide valuable insights to the company’s management team about the Chilean Power Industry. I was primarily involved in the analysis of regulatory and operational issues of the energy sector in Chile and the development of analysis tools to help evaluate the Chilean Power Market.

Among other tasks, I had to use a dispatch model of the Chilean Power Grid to project marginal cost dynamics across the system. I was involved in the definition of the fuel price assumptions of the model based on current market conditions, in adjusting the transmission and generation configurations of the dispatch model, and finally processing and interpreting the model’s outputs.

I worked closely with another intern, Enrique Veliz, and the rest of the inodú team. It was great having the opportunity to interact with other team members and holding interesting conversations about their academic and professional experience.

Being able to work at a startup and consulting company allowed me to be part of a fast paced environment where I could rapidly learn about energy engineering and the energy industry. I would like to thank the inodú team for their guidance and for placing trust in my abilities, so I could have a high degree of autonomy in the projects I worked on. This internship was a great learning experience both personally and professionally.

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