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Inodú will be Hosting a Workshop to Identify and Define Projects Aimed at Increasing the Productivit

Workshop to Identify and Define Projects Aimed at Increasing the Productivity and Sustainability of Industrial Operations

Target Audience: Teams of Professionals in Chilean Industrial Sector

Inodú and Georgia Tech have designed a novel program to help teams of professionals in the Chilean industrial sector define projects which will improve the productivity and sustainability of their companies.

The program was specifically designed for the Chilean industrial sector based on other successful programs implemented by Georgia Tech in the U.S. such an Innovation Bootcamp which has been used to train over 800 teams in the US and Latin America and the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which worked with 975 manufacturers in the U.S. in 2013.

At the end of the program, each participating team will define an innovative waste reduction (energy, water, or other inputs) project for their organization. Each company’s team will be composed of a project champion, a representative from engineering & projects, a representative from production and a representative from maintenance (optional).

If your company is potentially interested in joining the workshop, please contact Donny Holaschutz at

The project is supported by:

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