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Sergio's Internship Story 2017

Sergio Monroy

Background: Mechanical Engineer from the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently working towards a Master of Science in Engineering degree at the same university.

Position at inodú: Energy and Sustainability Analyst Intern

Plans after internship: Finish Master’s degree at Georgia Tech.

Over my 5-months internship at inodú I had the opportunity to learn about electricity markets not only in Chile but also other Latin American countries, and the US. Through the projects that I supported I gained a great understanding on how electricity markets are regulated, their price dynamics, how to model their behavior, and the challenges that existing markets are facing given the emergence of new technologies and the integration of variable renewable energy systems into the current networks.

As an intern, I was involved in a wide array of technical and regulatory projects, and given a significant amount of responsibility in each project and task. I used my programming and data analytics skillset to develop market analysis tools, such as a program that helps to visualize the operation of electrical networks and understand their behavior, and a program that classifies customers based on their electricity demand over a set period, and groups them with other consumers that have similar consumption patterns. I was also involved in a project to help design and develop Chile’s first greenhouse gas Measurement, Verification, and Report (MRV) system for climate change mitigation.

Having the opportunity to work closely with the inodú team was a very valuable experience, given their passion for what they do, as well as their technical expertise. Being able to work at a startup-consulting company immersed me in a fast-paced environment, where I had to quickly learn and apply my knowledge to different problems and situations in the context of the energy industry. This internship was a phenomenal opportunity and allowed me to grow both as a person and as an engineer.

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