A Guide to Estimate Adult Equivalent Losses and the Impact from Withdrawing Water using a Water Inta

Article 1º B of the General Law for Fishing and Aquaculture presents an objective of the law, which is defined as the conservation and sustainable use of hydrobiological resources. This must be achieved using the precautionary principle, considering an ecosystemic view of the fishing regulation, and through the safekeeping of marine environments where the hydrobiological resources reside.

A guide to estimate the impact associated with withdrawing water with a water intake system in Chile and to estimate the losses of equivalent adults for projects in the Environmental Impact Assessment System was developed by inodú as part of project FIPA N° 2016 – 53.

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund (FIPA) and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division defined the following specific objectives for the project:

  1. Reduce the knowledge technical and methodological gaps to estimate the impact associated with withdrawing water with a water intake system in Chile and the process to value adult equivalent losses.

  2. Present the design and biological factors which influence the mortality caused by withdrawing seawater with a water intake.

  3. Present international regulation associated with regulating, standardizing or specifying the water withdrawal process by seawater intake systems.

The following downloadable technical documents were developed in Spanish as part of the project:

  • FINAL REPORT FIPA 2016–53–B: Aspectos normativos asociados a organismos e instituciones extranjeras dirigidos a regular, estandarizar o normar los procesos de succión de agua de mar.

  • FINAL REPORT FIPA 2016–53–D: Guía para la estimación del impacto por succión y al proceso de valorización de la pérdida del ejemplar adulto equivalente.

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