Internship Story 2017 - Nicolas Lobos

Background: Industrial Engineering Student with a specialization in Electrical Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. I am currently working towards a Master of Science in Engineering degree at the same university.

Position at inodú: Energy and Sustainability Analyst Intern

Plans after internship: Finish up my Master’s degree at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

During my internship at inodú, I was focused on developing new tools to better understand the emergence of new dynamics in the power sector. The tools helped the rest of the team present new insights to various stakeholders in the energy industry. My work helped the team get a better understanding of the challenges that are emerging in the short and long term planning of the electricity sector. I prepared a series of reports and performed analysis related to how environmental restrictions, including emissions and water discharge, are affecting operations in the power sector. The reports and analysis were used in presentations to the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment and other private companies.

During my internship I improved my programming and data analysis skills. I had the opportunity to learn more about how the subtleties of the interactions between renewable energy integration and environmental restrictions are affecting the daily operation of the power system. Working on these emerging issues was interesting, I felt like a was contributing new insights that could be useful for electric utilities, the system operation and regulatory entities. As an analyst, I learned about the importance of data and how to analyze data to generate valuable insights, which is an important part of inodú’s approach to consulting. After all, as Ethan Raisel, author of the McKinsey Way pointed out, one should never fear the facts, for they will guide you towards and support your solution.

Above all, I felt very fortunate to work with such a remarkable group of people. The people at inodú were always helpful, willing to share their knowledge and provide guidance along the process. I learned continuously all the way through my last day as an intern. The work the consulting company conducted was meaningful and I was motivated by the fact that team focused on providing useful advice and insights. After working at inodú, I know that it is a place where new and interesting challenges will be explored and where a young and aspiring consultant, like myself, would have the opportunity to learn and grow.

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