Internship Story 2017 - Bernardo Echavarri

Background: Industrial Engineer with specialization in Mechanical Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Position at inodú: Energy and Sustainability Analyst Intern

Plans after internship: To work in the energy industry and contribute to full integration of renewable energy into the power grid.

In my internship, I was primarily focused conducting analysis of the electricity market operations to provide insights to the consulting team. Great part of the work I performed was focused on determining how the Chilean electricity market will operate and the challenges it will face in the forthcoming years as a result of the increasing penetration of renewable energy. Part of our analysis was focused on uncovering the effects of the integration of renewable energy in the operation of thermoelectric plants. I also helped review relevant environmental laws and assessed how new modes of operations are affecting compliance of the current emissions standards.

Also, I worked on an evaluation of a new generation facility analysing the results of many simulations intended to characterize the operations of the plant under future scenarios. I looked at the effects of a carbon tax and a potential increase in the carbon tax. The implications of how a future increase in the carbon tax could affect the power sector were quite interesting to me.

As an intern at inodu, I learned about energy markets and the dynamics of the electricity sector in Chile. Overall, my experience at inodú was excellent and the knowledge I acquired will be valuable to me. I was also glad to be part of a dynamic environment where I was challenged as an analyst and where the inodú team provided me support. The team was always willing to help and allowed me to share my ideas freely.

In general, the internship was a gratifying experience. The atmosphere at inodú and the team are outstanding. My time spent at inodú increased my motivation to jump into the working world.

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