Internship Story 2018 -Sarah Luppino

Background: PhD in Chemistry from MIT (dissertation focused on synthesis of carbon-based molecules for solar and other electronic applications); BA in Chemistry from Bowdoin College.

Plans after internship: Work in strategy consulting.

During my internship at Inodú I assisted the team on a variety of projects related to the Chilean power sector. Through this work, I learned about technical aspects of power generation, governmental policies on emissions control, and price dynamics in electricity markets. In particular, I gained a deeper understanding of how the integration of variable renewable energy sources is affecting the Chilean electricity grid, and the broader challenges and opportunities it brings to the power sector.

My work as an intern was focused on helping the team sift through and statistically analyze a significant amount of energy generation data. The aim was to identify patterns or hidden drivers linked to the generation and demand profiles. These insights are key to informing future policy design and dispatch models for energy generation. In addition, this work can help strengthen our general understanding of how the electricity grid will evolve with higher levels of solar and wind.

Our findings were presented to clients in both the Chilean government and the private power sector. As renewable energy continues to increase in Chile, this work can help ease the transition of these generation sources into the established network.

My time as an intern with Inodú not only taught me a great deal about the energy industry itself, but also the strategy and mechanics of running a startup consulting firm. I enjoyed and learned from the team’s innovative approach to tackling difficult analyses, and was inspired by their drive, curiosity, and passion for their work. Mi agradecimiento a todo el equipo de Inodú por su apoyo.

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