Internship Story 2018 - Abhita Moorthy

Background: Industrial and Systems Engineering Student at Georgia Tech, declared Minor: Spanish.

Plans after internship: Find other opportunities to work and study abroad; graduate from Georgia Tech.

Knowing nothing about energy and electricity, let alone Chile, before stepping foot into the inodú office on my first day, I was nervous about my first internship. However, with the guidance of the amazing team at inodú, I learned much more than I could have imagined in my 16 weeks in Santiago, from data analysis and visualization skills to the dynamics of the Chilean Power Market. I utilized my knowledge in data manipulation to help analyze the operations of power plants in Chile. Additionally, I investigated the operations of natural gas power plants in Chile, creating graphical representations of use, parameters, and operations. I developed alert systems for some of this information for partners at inodú to use to monitor the market and inform clients about the daily important updates.

Through the internship, I had the valuable experience of working closely with the inodú team and learning from their extensive knowledge in the industry while also having the freedom to learn on my own. When I return to the Georgia Institute of Technology, I will use the skills I gained in my internship in my future courses and professional career. From traveling all over Chile to eating manjar, I had an amazing experience! Gracias por todo el apoyo y la enseñanza!

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