Insights into the Current Operations of Grid Scale Batteries in Chile which have Been in Operation Since 2009

July 3, 2018

Chile was amongst the first places in the world where grid scale Lithium-ion batteries were installed to provide short-term flexibility at the sub-second to minute timescale. The first 12 MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS) were installed in the former Northern Interconnected System (SING) in 2009, since then a total of 52 MW have been installed. 

Batteries were installed back then under different circumstances, the prices of energy made liberating coal power plants from providing reserves a viable business case. In 2009, when the first set of batteries started operating, the monthly average marginal cost of electricity surpassed 150 USD/MWh at the Crucero Busbar and Resolution No 39 which was defined in 2000 addressed the remuneration of reliability in the SING. 

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Article Figure 1:



Figure 1 – Daily Planned Contingency Reserves in the former SING[1].


Article Figure 2:



Figure 2 – Daily Charge and Discharge of Batteries Operating in the Former SING[2].


[1] Developed by inodú considering the data from daily program developed by the Chilean ISO.


[2] Developed by inodú considering the information from the Chilean ISO information system.





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