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Insights into the Current Operations of Grid Scale Batteries in Chile which have Been in Operation S

Chile was amongst the first places in the world where grid scale Lithium-ion batteries were installed to provide short-term flexibility at the sub-second to minute timescale. The first 12 MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS) were installed in the former Northern Interconnected System (SING) in 2009, since then a total of 52 MW have been installed.

Batteries were installed back then under different circumstances, the prices of energy made liberating coal power plants from providing reserves a viable business case. In 2009, when the first set of batteries started operating, the monthly average marginal cost of electricity surpassed 150 USD/MWh at the Crucero Busbar and Resolution No 39 which was defined in 2000 addressed the remuneration of reliability in the SING.

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Article Figure 1:

Figure 1 – Daily Planned Contingency Reserves in the former SING[1].

Article Figure 2:

Figure 2 – Daily Charge and Discharge of Batteries Operating in the Former SING[2].

[1] Developed by inodú considering the data from daily program developed by the Chilean ISO.

[2] Developed by inodú considering the information from the Chilean ISO information system.

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