Internship Story 2018 - Taylor Grey

Background: Computer Science Student at MIT

Plans after internship: Finish my Bachelor's Degree.

I didn't know anything about energy or consulting when I first started working at inodú, but I knew I wanted to do impactful work. For almost three months, I got to do exactly that. I worked with the wonderful team at inodú, learning so much about the power industry. I was also happy to use my data science and computer science skills in the energy industry.

For the first few weeks of my internship, I tried something completely new. I worked on a data visualization project which was used to help some of inodú’s clients gain a deeper understanding of power plant operations. I found the experience of learning a completely new skill very valuable. For the second part of my internship, I used my background in computer science to optimize and improve usability of some data processing scripts developed by inodú. Overall, I really enjoyed the flexibility and autonomy I was given. I relished collaborating with my coworkers on different projects and facets of the work performed by the team.

Throughout my time with inodú, I grew to really value working with a small team. I valued many other aspects of the internship, starting with the impact I felt I could have to the camaraderie that came with interacting with my peers. My experience taught me so much about my own ability to learn and gave me the confidence to try new things. At MIT, I will use this newfound confidence to keep learning new skills and hope to continue this trend in my career. My time living, traveling, and eating my way through Chile could not have been better--equipo inodú, te agredezco mucho!

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