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Sofia's Internship Story

Background: Civil Engineer with specialization in Hydraulic Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Plans after internship: Finish M.Sc. in Engineering degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

My internship with inodú was focused on analizing new dynamics in the electric market produced by the integration of renewable energy, the performance of the national electric system and new market trends. Specifically, I conducted analyisis which led to better understanding of the ancillary services market in Chile. The analysis I conducted helped clients identify new opportunities within emerging segments in the power market.

For me, this internship was a great opportunity to learn about the Chilean Electricity Market and to gain new knowledge which compliments my academic experience at the university. To have the opportunity to successfully work on area not directly associated to my engineering masters gave me confidence in my capacity to adapt and learn rapidly, while at the same time, it helped me polish and develop my programming and analytical skills.

Personally, what I enjoyed the most during my experience working at Inodú was the collaborative and multidisciplinary way in which projects were approached. The internship was a great opportunity to develop my ability to work as part of teams and to improve my critical thinking.

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