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Shannon Wing's Internship Story

Background: Student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Plans after internship: Finish my bachelors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology When looking for internships this past summer I had two goals for myself. One: To work within the field of sustainability. Two: To be in a place where I could hike and trek. Both of these requirements and a few more led me to find Inodú.

Right at the start of my internship I was given a plethora of presentations, articles, and papers from the company to read. Immediately I was learning and soaking up information. I came in with no knowledge of the Chilean power market and left with an understanding of its systems, how they function, and how that affects the market now and in the future. I also left with an eagerness to pursue more classes in my future years within the energy sector.

My internship project focused on analyzing fuel prices. I was retrieving, organizing, and graphing fuel price data to help better understand power market operations. Ultimately, I was given a great amount of independence and trust that I appreciated, that was balanced with the knowledge that I could ask anyone in the office for help and they would be right by my side problem solving with me. In addition to learning within the company, I had the opportunity with my coworkers to attend a conference on 100% renewable energy to see and participate in the discussion of decarbonization within Chile. Jorge Moreno which is part of the inodú team was part of a panel discussing the challenges and opportunities to reach 100% renewable energy in Chile.

And when I wasn’t in the office, I was able to explore Chile. I was an uber’s ride from trailheads in the Andes that held beautiful hiking and mountaineering. Some highlights included seeing the solar eclipse in Elqui Valley, bikepacking the Atacama desert, touring the street art in Valparaiso, skiing a Volcano in Pucon, and attending a local soccer match.

Thank you Inodú for an incredible summer of learning and fun. Cheers to what the future holds!

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