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A rapidly changing energy base, technological changes and the drastic increase in information available across the energy value chain from the energy production facility to the energy customer are creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges.


At inodú we are not focused on riding the analytics trend, rather we are bringing our analysis capability, new ways of thinking about innovation and our deep industry expertise to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging. Given the rapidly changing energy base and the increase of information across the value chain, we are focusing on helping our clients answer the following important questions:


  1. How do I take advantage of new opportunities to improve the way energy is delivered to the end customer?

  2. How do I provide a better service to my customers?

  3. How do I provide innovative products and services to my customers?

  4. How do I make my operations more efficient?

We offer the following services:


Customer Centered Innovation & Analytics


Energy Delivery Optimization Analytics & Opportunity Identification


New Product & Service Development


Improved Service Delivery Analytics


Marketing and Sales Strategy


Lean Operations and Energy Delivery

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