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We are looking for a full-time software development engineer and data analyst with 0 to 2 years work experience.  We are looking for someone who is highly motivated and would like to lead the development and operations of our software to acquire, process, analyze and visualize data. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be able to conduct analysis to help our clients build businesses, capabilities and creative solutions to solve their energy and sustainability challenges.

We are looking for a candidate which wants to experience a startup environment. We are a small dynamic company and will get to work directly with the founders.  We have executed projects for clients in Latin America and the U.S.


Desired Personality

In addition to high academic achievement, at inodú we are looking for systempreneurs which can drive change and innovation in complex and adverse environments. We seek individuals which have demonstrated grit, resilience, perseverance, a desire to see others succeed, emotional intelligence, creativity and flexibility when being faced by adversity.

We admire people which venture out and place themselves in unfamiliar and difficult situations to grow and learn how to become better leaders. Our goal is to attract people which have demonstrated they can create value where little value is perceived by others and who can motivate others with little resources or authority to overcome difficult challenges.

Desired Qualifications

  • High academic achievement (Top 30% of your class, minimum GPA 3.3 out of 4.0 in US and 5.3 out of 7.0 in Chile)

  • Can show significant impact through extracurricular activities

  • Strong interest in energy, sustainability and power markets

  • Looking to be part of a challenging and dynamic startup environment

  • Mature, driven and can work well in teams

  • Good communication skills, especially presenting work to others

  • Curious and desire to learn and solve problems independently

  • Soon to graduate or with up to 2 years work experience

  • Looking for Engineering and Computer Science Majors


Desired Skills

  • Preferably advanced reading and writing in English and Spanish

  • Feels comfortable programing and processing data

  • Experience to using Python to solve problems and develop solutions

  • Experience developing databases and manipulating data from databases, preferably SQL 

  • Experience developing mathematical models

  • Experience developing protypes and/or software

Experiences from Previous Interns

To see previous experiences, visit: 


About inodú

Inodú is focused on developing solutions and providing services aimed at improving the sustainability of the energy value chain for businesses, governments, law-firms and non- governmental organizations in Latin America.

We have provided services and solutions which have enabled the transformation of the power market, renewable energy integration & regulatory change in Latin America, primarily in Chile.


Our organization is focused on the creation of real partnerships with our clients to build businesses, capabilities and creative solutions to solve their and the world’s energy and sustainability challenges.


At inodú, we work with our clients to help them achieve what they need.  We are committed in providing services an solutions which generate real impact to our clients.  We help our clients navigate through uncertainty and challenges with the following services:

  • Energy and Water Project Support

  • Economic/Social/Technical/Environmental Due Diligences for Energy Projects

  • Environmental and Energy Sector Regulatory Support

  • Energy Market and Economic Analysis

  • Operations and Energy Efficiency

  • Innovation and Business Development

  • Data Analytics


Since its inception in Austin Texas in 2012, inodú has grown. We have worked with clients in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

More Information about our clients and engagements visit:


The following are the types of projects inodú has been involved with in the past:


How to Apply


If you are interested in applying for this position send your resume and cover letter to We will be accepting resumes until May 17th. We will accept resumes and cover letters in English or Spanish.

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