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Review of Chile’s decarbonization efforts


August 2019

The article is focused on reviewing the studies and process conducted by the decarbonization working group, contextualizing the role of coal generation in Chile, reviewing the agreements signed between generation companies & the government, presenting the conversion & retirement alternatives, and describing the social & environmental challenges with reconversion or retirement of coal facilities. Finally, the article highlights some of the lessons learned from the process and future work which could be addressed.

Although there is still work to do, the agreements recently signed are a positive step forward in which companies committed to completely stop the operations of coal facilities by 2040 and concrete commitments were made to initially retire a fifth of the existing installed capacity in the next five years.

Insights into the Operations of Grid Scale Batteries in Chile


July, 2018


Chile was amongst the first places in the world where grid scale Lithium-ion batteries were installed to provide short-term flexibility at the sub-second to minute timescale. The first 12 MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS) were installed in the former Northern Interconnected System (SING) in 2009, and now capacity amounts to more than 50 MW. This short article presents past and current operational behavior of these assets and raise some questions regarding future uses and developments.

New Market Interactions in the Chilean Electricity System with High Integration of Variable Renewable Energy


June, 2018


A paper on new market dynamics caused by renewable integration in Chile presented at the 41st International Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics in Groningen, the Netherlands (

Flexibility is Key


February, 2018

Established in 1943, the EIC is the leading trade association for companies working in the global energy industries. An article by inodú on the focus for flexibility needs in the Chilean National Electricity System was featured in the 30th issue of Energy Focus.

Challenges in the Environmental Regulation of Thermoelectric Facilities Created by their New Modes of Operations


December, 2017

Report prepared for the Ministry of Energy of Chile on the challenges of atmospheric emissions' regulation given new modes of operation of thermoelectric facilities induced by greater integration of Variable Renewable Energy.

Regulated Client Auction 2017-01: Diverging Views of the Expected Behavior for the Chilean Electricity Market Post-2024?


November, 2017

Bids to supply energy to distribution companies from 2024 through 2043 were presented on October 11th as part of the Regulated Client Auction 2017-01. On November 2nd, the Chilean National Energy Commission (CNE) published the results. Inodú published a report containing an overview and analysis of the auction's results and the diverging market views reflected in the economic offer of each company.

Requirements for an MRV System for Monitoring Emissions Reduction Actions


October, 2017


Report prepared under the Partnership for Market Readiness iniciative of the World Bank titled "Determinación de Requisitos Generales de un Sistema de Medición, Reporte y Verificación para el Monitoreo y Seguimiento de Acciones de Mitigación y Proyectos de Reducción de Emisiones; y Propuesta de un Programa de Reconocimiento de Reducción de Emisiones en el Sector Energía".

Estimating Adult Equivalent Losses and the Impact from Withdrawing Water using a Water Intake


October, 2017

A guide to estimate the impact associated with withdrawing water with a water intake system and to estimate the losses of equivalent adults for projects in the Chilean Environmental Impact Assessment System was developed by inodú as part of project FIPA N° 2016 – 53.

Environmental Factors to be Considered in Power System Operational Planning in Chile


October, 2017

Inodú published an article presenting a case study on the effects of water discharge temperature limits of thermoelectric facilities in Chile on their operations. These limits are set by the Decreto Supremo No. 90 of 2001. The article is in Spanish and is titled "Nuevos factores socio-técnico-ambientales a considerar en la programación de la operación de corto plazo del sistema eléctrico".

Best Practices for Water Use at Thermoelectric Facilites



Inodú produced a guide for the Ministry of Energy on best practices for water use at thermoelectric facilities. The guide is in Spanish and is titled "Guía de buenas prácticas en el uso de agua para refrigeración de centrales termoeléctricas".

Regulatory Proposal for Water Withdrawal and Discharge at Thermoelectric Facilities and Other Industrial Sectors


December, 2015

Inodú produced a regulatory proposal for the Chilean Ministry of Energy on water withdrawal and discharge processes of industrial facilities, with special emphasis on power plants. The proposal is in Spanish and is titled "PROPUESTA DE REGULACIÓN AMBIENTAL PARA SISTEMAS DE REFRIGERACIÓN DE CENTRALES TERMOELÉCTRICAS Y OTROS SECTORES QUE SUCCIONAN AGUA Y DESCARGAN CURSOS DE AGUA EN SUS PROCESOS INDUSTRIALES".

Regulated Client Auction 2013-03: Results of an Auction Process Considering Hourly Blocks

Short Report

December, 2014

Inodú produced a short report for ACERA -the Chilean Renewable Energy Industry Association- analyzing the results of the 2013-03 (2nd call) auction for the supply of regulated clients. The effects of inodú's recommendation to use hourly blocks to segment offers to match load profiles is analyzed. The short report is in Spanish and is titled "UTILIZACIÓN DE BLOQUES HORARIOS EN LICITACIÓN DE SUMINISTRO A DISTRIBUIDORAS: CASO LICITACIÓN SIC 2013/03 - 2º LLAMADO".

Data Consolidation Process on Thermoelectric Facilities and their Refrigeration Systems


December, 2014

Inodú produced a report for the Chilean Ministry of Energy adquiring and consolidating technical, economical, regulatory, and environmental data on existing thermoelectric power plants with special emphasis on their refrigeration systems. The report is in Spanish and is titled "ESTUDIO DE ANTECEDENTES TÉCNICOS, ECONÓMICOS, NORMATIVOS Y AMBIENTALES DE TECNOLGÍAS DE CENTRALES TERMOELÉCTRICAS Y SUS SISTEMAS DE REFRIGERACIÓN".

Applying Systems Thinking to Help Power the E-ELT & Paranal Observatory in Chile


March, 2014

Work performed by inodú for the Chilean Ministry of Energy and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) was featured in an article at the MIT's SDM program newsletter. This project was carried out to find energy supply alternatives for one of the most advanced observatory complexes in the world, located at 2600 meters above sea level in the driest desert on Earth.

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