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Our focus

We are focused on doing work that makes a difference.  We support clients in the transformation of the energy industry into a more sustainable one.

Our work environment
  • Multidisciplinary.

  • Diverse (Age, gender, backgrounds, life experiences, disciplines).

  • Flat organization.

  • Offer an environment full of opportunities to learn about energy and sustainability.

Our commitment to diversity

The world’s energy and sustainability challenges are multidisciplinary; therefore, we hire people with diverse backgrounds to help our clients solve these challenges.

Our approach to excellence

We celebrate excellence; however, we know that excellence starts with bringing the best in every person that is part of our team. Therefore, we have built a:

  • Collaborative work environment.

  • Celebrates different points of view and disagreement.

  • Resolves conflict through objectivity.

  • Encourages respect and trust of peers.

  • Focused on learning and development.

Backgrounds of some of the people that work for us

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