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We are a weird bunch at inodú, we admire people that get a kick out of navigating others through uncertainty.  At inodú, we  are doers not case studiers. While we do value analytical skills and academic achievement, we see that as table stakes, we measure people by their ability to fight the big fight without resources.  These skills cannot be learned in a classroom or preparing a case study.  So if you want to join inodú, throw away your case study books and show us you can do the following:


  • Go out and improve your community in a new way, surprise us show us how you can make a difference with little resources.

  • Startup a company, non-profit, club, or a new type of organization. Show us that you can motivate, inspire, and mobilize people to take on a new challenge and work together on a solution.

  • Learn about yourself, at inodú we believe leadership starts by understanding oneself.  Do you know how the people you have worked with in the past see you?  What are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses? Tell us what others think of you.

  • Find a high impact engagement for you and inodú.  Find a client and solidify an engagement where you could use inodú to foster positive change. Once you join inodú, we will let you take on this engagement with the client you found.

  • Go and experience something that makes you feel outside your comfort zone, where you are facing adversity or ambiguity, have little resources, or just don’t fit in. Tell us how you learned from this experience.

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