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Tomás Meyer



I have gotten to work on projects related to the flexibilization of the thermal generation facilities. Making thermal facilities more flexible has allowed the electricity system to maintain its reliability while incorporating more renewable generation. I have also been involved in supporting the development of green hydrogen and synthetic fuel projects.


I have a degree in Civil Industrial Engineering with a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. I also spent a year and a half at the Karlsruher Institut für Technology, in Germany, specializing in synthetic e-fuels production and combustion technologies. I joined inodú in 2019 as an intern, and upon graduating, I joined the company full-time.

Why work in energy and sustainability?


I am motivated to support the transformation of electricity system from one dominated by fossil fuels to one that integrates renewable energy and other non emitting generation technologies as rapidly as possible, while maintaining the electricity system’s reliability. I am also motivated by the fact that by helping our clients solve their energy and sustainability challenges we are making a difference to the long-term viability of their businesses.


I like helping our clients move forward effectively by making decisions based on a multidisciplinary approach which considers economic, technical, social and environmental criteria. Ultimately, helping our clients navigate their energy and sustainability challenges involves taking a systems approach in which the we understand how the interactions and interdependence components affect the energy system, the environment and society as a whole.

What is the most interesting project you have had a chance to work on at Inodú?

I have worked on many interesting projects at Inodú, however there are two that I would like to highlight. In one project I got the opportunity to help a client identify locations to develop a large scale green hydrogen and ammonia production facility. The analysis was very interesting and multidisciplinary since we had to select a location based on off-taker access, complementary infrastructure, lowest possible cost energy supply which met the projects energy supply sustainability and reliability needs, environmental risks, social risks, amongst others.

Another project involved supporting a client with developing a roadmap to increase the flexibility of their thermal generation fleet. Increasing the flexibility of the system is key in supporting the integration of more variable renewable energy sources and maintaining system reliability. This project gave me an opportunity to help a client come up with practical steps to increase the flexibility of its fleet and the electricity system.

What is it like working at Inodú?

I really enjoy being part of a multidisciplinary team which takes a systems approach, because energy and sustainability challenges are very multidisciplinary. It is Inodú’s DNA to as a team understand the technical, environmental, social and economic challenges, their interactions and then come up with elegant and practical solutions to energy and sustainability clients.


I also appreciate the desire of everyone in our team to serve our clients by coming up with the best possible solutions to help them navigate the energy transition. Finally, I find Inodú to be an exciting place to work because it brings motivated people together with many different backgrounds. In general, I appreciate that at Inodú there is an environment which promotes personal growth and professional development, in which I get challenged intellectually and with a very collaborative and enjoyable work environment.

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