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Lucas Neira



I studied electrical engineering at the Universidad de Chile and earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering where I specialized in electricity market modeling and operations. After graduating in 2019, I joined Inodú as a full-time engineer. I have worked on a variety of projects related to data analytics in the energy sector, market operation forecasting and analysis, grid power and reliability assessments, and the analysis of energy sectors’s regulation.

Why work in energy and sustainability?


The energy system has always been very relevant to human development, and I firmly believe it plays a crucial role in shaping our way of life and economic prosperity. The global reliance on energy sources continues to increase. Access to energy has substantially improved the wellbeing of the global population, enhancing overall health, increasing access to information and knowledge, and providing people with an opportunity to live more fulfilling lives. However, our current energy sources are not sustainable and in order to continue to improve our way of life, we must find a transition to more sustainable, affordable and abundant sources of energy. This conviction inspired me to dedicate my career to solving energy and sustainability challenges. I hope I can contribute to tackling one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today.

What is the most interesting project you have had a chance to work on at Inodú?

Throughout my work at Inodú, I have had the opportunity of working in a wide array of challenges related to helping electricity markets transition to more sustainable ones in countries such as Chile, the US and Perú. These projects have provided me with a broader and unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities created in power markets by the energy transition. Getting to work on a diverse set of projects related to the energy transition has provided me with a deeper understanding of the implications of the transition for society and our clients, and it has been an intellectually rewarding experience.

What is it like working at Inodú?

At Inodú, the stimulating and dynamic work environment constantly pushes me to learn and to think out of the box. I really value the fact that we have a very multidisciplinary team that always encourages open discussions and embraces new viewpoints, in order to improve the quality of the results we deliver, ultimately enriching our work.

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