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Victoria Frohlich



At Inodú, I have been primarily focused on renewable energy projects, green hydrogen projects and projects which address socio-environmental challenges in the energy sector. I have a degree in Civil Industrial Engineering with a Diploma in Environmental Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. In 2019, I completed my professional internship at Inodú, and upon graduation, I joined the company full-time.

Why work in energy and sustainability?


Working in energy and sustainability consulting has provided me with the opportunity to learn about diverse challenges faced by both companies and the public sector in the energy transition. I am also proud that my work has had an impact and contributed to the sustainable development of the countries I have had a chance to work in.

What is the most interesting project you have had a chance to work on at Inodú?

In general, the most interesting projects I have participated in have addressed new and emerging topics within the energy industry. These projects have provided me an opportunity to learn more about different types of energy and sustainability challenges the region and the world are facing.

A project that I found particularly interesting was one that we executed for the Undersecretariat or Fisheries and Aquaculture in Chile. This project consisted of advising the Undersecretariat on the definition of regulation which could help mitigate the environmental impact of withdrawing seawater for industrial use.

Being able to advise a real institution and help define real regulations for Chile was an enriching experience. In addition, it allowed me to see that the work we do in Inodú really has an impact and a meaning.

What is it like working at Inodú?

One of the remarkable aspects of working at Inodú is the companys forward-thinking culture. As company, we strive to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving energy and sustainability challenges our clients are facing. This keeps us engaged and continuously learning, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions and insights to our clients.

I really value the background diversity of the team and the multidisciplinary approach to solving problems, which many times leads to the development of innovative solutions. The collaborative and innovative work environment, coupled with the opportunity for continuous learning, makes Inodú an exciting place to work.

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